Oil & Gas Waste Disposal

Oil and Gas solid waste facilities that practice landfill and/or land farming operations can greatly benefit by implementing the prescribed use of CATAWATER HHO derivatives. It is entirely proven and possible to eliminate the use of mechanical processes (IE: centrifuge and shaker, etc.) and associated costs by utilizing CATAWATER HHO derivatives in the receiving and treatment of solid and liquid oilfield waste streams such as WBM, OBM, drill cuttings, tank bottoms and spill remediation waste streams. Operating costs can be reduced by as much as 60% depending on the unique design and SOP’s of each respective operation. CATAWATER HHO derivatives allow for the separation of valuable hydrocarbons while eliminating H2S hazards and reducing and/or eliminating salts in contaminated soils. The value of CATAWATER HHO’s natural process in lieu of mechanical processes is measurable by reverse engineering process facilities and monetizing assets which will no longer be necessary or eliminating such equipment from greenfield engineering concepts at the onset of the facility design.

Specifically in landfill applications

CATAWATER HHO derivatives can eliminate or recover valuable hydrocarbons from existing in situ landfills while eliminating H2S and mitigating odor concerns and issues that lead to unwanted public pressure and ensuing costs.  At the same time CATAWATER HHO derivatives will reduce the volume of waste in landfills thereby increasing the value of existing air space by allowing more volume to be transported and placed within the existing permitted airspace.


In land farming operations

CATAWATER HHO derivatives will eliminate trace salts and other contaminants that can be inadvertently and illegally introduced during the normal transportation and disposal processes by generators and waste hauling companies. The residual effect of CATAWATER

HHO usage in land application can also be realized in the enhanced agricultural value of land farmed properties (inquire with a CATAWATER AG Division representative for more information).