and its affiliates, is to enhance the environmental performance and yield in the production of cleaner fossil fuels, their by-products and related energy sources, whilst cleansing the environment.
As a result CATAWATER HHO RELEASE, LLC intends to be a leader in “Green Conservatism”, enabling governments and companies and producers in Global markets to solve major and growing environmental problems and production challenges cost effectively.

Catawater® “The Bio-catalyst”

was researched and created over 40 years ago.  Since then, the formulation of Catawater® and its derivatives have been developed, tested and perfected.  The end result of this research and development endeavor is a range of Biocatalyst products utilizing a unique formulation of microorganisms and enzymes, which performs as a catalyst in the presence of naturally occurring processes.  Catawater® Biocatalyst products are based entirely on natural extracts that function in synergistic association with microorganisms, natural elements and natural processes in the environment to accelerate such functions as chemical conversion, mineral uptake, ionic transformation, and decomposition.

The Bio-catalytic processes have proven effective in numerous field studies for a wide range of applications.  These processes represent major cost reductions to the Oil and Gas Industries are achievable, and in addition they especially lower the environmental impact of these industries. Such as reducing the carbon footprint of Oil Sands production, generating carbon credits, mitigating tailings residues and remediating the current massive tailings pollution, reducing greenhouses gases.

Catawater® products cross many facets of these industries and not only provide cost effective solutions to national and global problems, but will generate significant financial rewards for CATAWATER HHO RELEASE, LLC, its affiliates and its partners.

Catawater® Bio-catalyst is a proprietary, biodegradable, water-based formulation of microorganisms and enzymes that is safe and stable with a shelf-life of over 10 years.  The analysis of Catawater® and its derivative products results in data identical to that of good drinking water. The Catawater Exhibits referred to below, refer to a number Marketing names for Catawater Product, namely “AQUA SYN”, “Catawater®”, “HHS Remove”, “HOH-4-ROH” and “HHO Release”.

Catawater® has no harmful chemicals, is environmentally safe, has posed no hazard for humans or animals, and works synergistically with elements present in the environment to dramatically accelerate natural chemical processes.  Processes accelerated by Catawater® include:  nitrogen fixation and biomass decomposition, mineral and other nutrient uptake, oxidation, pH neutralization, and other chemical processes that maintain environmental equilibrium.